British Columbia has so much to offer tourists. From camping to hiking, the Canadian landscape entices the most adventurous people. Some of British Columbia’s most breathtaking sites are coastal. Once you start looking into these sites, you’ll find many places that you’ll want to see along the west coast of Canada. You’ll find plenty of British Columbia Moorage as you float up the serene fjords of British Columbia to have the experience of a lifetime. We’ve put together three of the best locations to visit as you pilot your boat along this beautiful coast.


With so many possible destinations along the coast, it can be hard to know where the most important stops are. The British Columbia coastline is perfect for a magnificent boating trip to see the sights of Canada. If you’re starting your trip from the south, your first stop has to be Victoria on the coast of Vancouver Island. This beautiful city is full of attractions for anyone looking for adventure and relaxation. With so many spas, gardens and landmarks, you can spend a peaceful day seeing the sights. For a more exciting day, there are festivals, whale watching, kayak adventures and more. Victoria has something to offer everyone willing to moor on her shores.


Another great location to stop at is the busy city of Vancouver. Vancouver has something to offer everyone, whether its a day visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery or biking the False Creek Seawall. There are even adventures awaiting you off land. With great water sports like white water rafting and scuba diving, any adventurer can feel right at home. With so many options for any season, this coastal city is the perfect stop for your big boating trip. Vancouver is a city full of life and spontaneity. Who knows, you may even find yourself having the time of your life in a flash mob pillow fight.

Northern Fjords

Farther up the coast, you will continue to find readily available British Columbia moorage as you explore the numerous fjords. Here in British Columbia, our fjords rival those of Norway for both length and depth, but our fjords also offer the alpine flavor of our majestic mountains. And, with cities like Sechlet and Powell River, you’re bound to find the perfect locations to turn your next trip into a great boating vacation.

As you venture along the British Columbia coast, you may even find your way to Dent Island for a lodging experience that will leave you wanting more. British Columbia can provide any boating enthusiast with great views and even better entertainment and attractions.