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Had the pleasure of spending the weekend at Dent. We had an amazing time with the dolphins and jet boat fishing for some incredible salmon fishing. Dining was over the top with a spectacular view of the rapids. We love Dent!!

Can you accommodate my allergies?2021-08-11T13:23:30-07:00

We are happy to cater for dietary restrictions and other allergies. Should you have a serious allergy, please let us know when you make your reservation so we can prepare accordingly.

Are gratuities included?2021-08-11T13:22:19-07:00

Gratuities are not included, nor required, but they are always appreciated.

Can I smoke at the resort?2021-08-11T13:21:41-07:00

All of the guest rooms and public lodges are smoke free. Guests can smoke outside in the designated smoking areas.

Do you sell gas?2021-08-05T09:23:40-07:00

We do not sell gas. The closest fuel station to Dent Island is Refuge Cove or Blind Channel.

Is there power on the dock I can hook up my boat to?2021-08-05T09:23:19-07:00

Yes, we have 30amp, 50amp, and 100amp power hookups. We also provide unlimited potable water, so you can fill up your tanks as well as wash the boat.

What if I do not want to go fishing is there anything else I can do that is on the island?2021-08-05T09:22:57-07:00

Yes, there is! We have a hiking trail, fitness room, hot tub, and a sauna all on property. You can also go on one of our Jet Boat or Heli Tours. 


What if I decide I want to go fishing after I get to the lodge and I did not make reservations?2021-08-05T09:21:23-07:00

To guarantee availability, it is best to make reservations but if not, we will try to get you out on the water the best we can. 

Do you have a gift shop?2021-08-05T09:21:02-07:00

Yes, we do, and it is stocked with all the Dent Island apparel you may need.

Do you have laundry services available?2021-08-05T09:20:38-07:00

Yes, we have a public laundry facility available on the standing wharf.

Can I bring my pet to the lodge?2021-08-05T09:20:10-07:00

Yes, we are a pet friendly lodge, but they must be always kept on a leash.

Should I bring my passport?2021-08-05T09:18:05-07:00

Yes, a passport is required to come into Canada, a passport card will not be accepted.

Should I bring my camera to the lodge?2021-08-05T09:17:43-07:00

Yes, you will view wildlife daily around the lodge from eagles to dolphins and maybe even a bear.

Should I bring sunglasses to the lodge?2021-08-05T09:17:22-07:00

Yes, it is almost always very sunny, if you happen to forget yours, we sell Maui Jim’s.

Are you able to get cellular service at the Lodge?2021-08-05T09:16:54-07:00

Yes, you will get service all over the property.

Does the lodge have Wi-Fi?2021-08-05T09:12:28-07:00

Yes, the lodge broadcasts Wi-Fi throughout the property, but it is not high speed.

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