Welcome aboard! You’ve just stumbled upon a jetboat tour in British Columbia.

Today I’d like to take you on a truly rare and soul-igniting adventure through some of the most pristine waterways in North America.

dentisland-Galleries » Dent IslandBefore our adventure begins, let me help you acclimate to our jetboat. Being a safe and highly maneuverable vessel piloted by an experienced captain and local guide, our jetboat is the prime means for touring the glacier-fed waterways of the Bute Inlet in British Columbia. From the comfort and safety of our jetboat comes a very rare opportunity to navigate and explore this spectacular wilderness setting visited by very few people.

We’ve embarked upon the glacier-fed rivers of the Bute Inlet because they are truly some of the most scenic waterways in the world. On our jetboat adventure, we have the unparalleled experience of safely and comfortably traversing the infamous Yuculta, Arran, and Dent Rapids—known to many as some of the wildest water on earth.

Just as thrilling as the rapids is the inspirational, breathtaking scenery and majestic waterfalls seen from the Homathko and Southgate rivers. This is a grand spectacle for sightseers and photographers alike. As we make our way up the indescribably beautiful Southgate River, our conversations are silenced by our first glimpse of the magnificent Southgate Glacier. The captivating array of wildlife combined with fresh-water coursing through valleys between impressive mountain vistas is humbling as we experience it all from the vantage point of our jetboat.

As an eagle soars overhead, we gaze with excitement while a black bear leads her cub along the bank. Noticing our discovery, our knowledgeable guide cracks a smile and points out the abundance of marine wildlife that attracts the bears. This same marine wildlife also attracts spirited groups and individuals from distant parts of the globe, seeking jetboat fishing adventures in these pristine waters.

After several rolls of film had been spent and over 30 miles of rivers explored, the sun starts to retreat. With scores of breathtaking photos captured and our heads full of unforgettable experiences, we head back to where our adventure began. As we approach the docks, we encounter a jetboat unloading after a fishing adventure. As we watch a fisherman dote over a trophy Chinook salmon, our guide tantalizes us with enticing tales of his experiences on jetboat fishing tours.

But that’s an adventure for another time.

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Thank you for joining us!