The silver skin is a dead giveaway that your quarry is a Coho salmon. It also means you’d better get ready for a struggle. Coho are notoriously fierce fighters. Using their speed to their advantage, coho will quickly change direction when hooked and alternate speeds with short bursts of power.

This feisty nature is a draw for anglers. Our guests never tire of matching their skills against a coho. Given the abundance of waterways around the lodge, there’s always a good chance of finding a coho at the end of your rod.

Coho Territory

Our location gives us the best of the Pacific Ocean. The salt water serves as the gateway for coho returning to their spawning grounds. But unlike the open ocean, the Destination Islands create a protected environment where the water is calm, giving guests a smooth surface.

These perfect conditions allow for anglers to explore the many places coho are found. Shallow waters, streams and near shore are all potential hotspots for finding coho. Luckily, our guides know where they like to be and how that changes with the conditions.

Tailored Fishing Adventures

The prevalence of coho in so many varied conditions allow for us to let you fish where you want. That can be from a boat, shoreline or even from a dock. You decide what best fits your mood and goal for that day.

Traits of the Catch

Coho are known for its reddish-orange meat that contains a medium fat level, which is two times the oil content of chum or pink salmon. This makes for a flesh that consumers really enjoy.

The fat content is why it’s often recommended to use a cold smoking method versus hot if you intend to smoke your catch. The fat content is also why cooks consider coho to be one of the more versatile fish to prepare.

Run Times

Coho runs typically begin in June and continue into September, giving our guests a long window of opportunity to chase this epic fish. Book your trip now and start planning your pursuit of the legendary coho.