Planning group getaways can be a lot of work be it for friends and families or clients and colleagues. As you’re casting your net for potential locations, consider the lodge. Our intimate setting can serve as the ideal backdrop with enough activities to keep people as busy as they want.

Plus, we’re capable of customizing just about anything you need to make sure your group is pampered.

“The design of the cabins, lodge, and amenities on the island means we can create a package that is unique to the needs and wants of your group,” said Justin Farr, the lodge manager. “We pride ourselves on creating an experience that is individualized.”


Leave behind the boardroom. The lodge offers the opportunity to engage on a more meaningful level with key clients. Instead of hours in a stuffy conference room, enjoy chats while dining in the lodge, fishing, or lounging in the bar or outside deck.

The casual atmosphere presents a great opportunity to develop business relationships in a more organic fashion.


There’s nothing like a fishing trip with your closest friends to bridge the years. Your group will find itself falling into familiar conversations and reliving stories from the past.

A trip to the lodge is like a camp for adults, but a much more luxurious version.


Reunions, birthdays, or just a reason to bring everyone together, the lodge is the great equalizer for the generations in your family. Our remoteness and lack of televisions promote togetherness as families spend their free time playing games or exploring the island. Guests of all ages enjoy the wildlife, fishing, and sightseeing this tranquil and remote island has to offer.


We are not a huge resort – it’s why people like it here. The downside to that is our limited space. For larger groups hoping to buy out our property for a private stay, please plan well in advance. Another consideration is to take advantage of off-peak season such as early June or late August into September. These months are less popular as students are still in school and we can usually accommodate groups without too much lead time needed. We do get cancellations often so don’t be too discouraged if this doesn’t fit into your scheduling. Never hurts to ask – just call!

Plan now

The variety of activities, ability to customize your stay, and stunning beauty of our location make the lodge a true bucket list trip.