As 2019 ends, we wanted to look back to see what caught your eye on our Instagram account. It’s no surprise that three themes emerged. The renovated lodge, salmon fishing and the beauty of the wildlife that surrounds our stunning location in British Columbia.

It was, once again, a magical year. We were so busy last year renovating the lodge. It was a project we tackled with anticipation and trepidation. After all, the old lodge held lots of memories for our guests.

We were thrilled that you embraced the new look. The new dining room, bar and gathering areas reflect the level of refinement and luxury we want for your visits.

Salmon Remains King

The majority of our guests come here for one reason – salmon fishing. We had some challenges thrown at us in early June. Working with Mother Nature is never easy. But that slow start didn’t stop us from ending with one of the best fishing seasons to date.

Orca Visit

Wildlife viewing is always a hallmark of a visit to the Lodge. Earl and Pearl, our resident bald eagles, always put on a show. You’ve got dolphins and seals that frequently stop for a visit.

But in July, a pod of orcas decided to put on a show right outside the lodge. Guests were mesmerized watching these majestic creatures swimming right off shore. Then, one of the orcas breached, making a perfect arc in the air before diving back into the water. Lifetime memory – check.

Next Year

Opening day is a little more than six months away, but as always, it will be here in a blink. We hope we’re in your plans for 2020. Happy New Year.